Ms. Aye Aye Soe

  • A national representative athlete in Body Physique
  • Working as a personal Trainer at BALANCE FITNESS currently
  • Started learning work out program since 2006 and work as a personal trainer since 2010
  • Achieved many outstanding both nationally and internationally recognized awards

Aread of Expertise

  • Functional Movement
  • Kinesis
  • Body Sculpting

– “Winners never quit! Quitters never win”

Ms. Aye Aye Soe
2012 Miss.Fitness Physique Winner
2012 Model Physique 1st Runner Up
2012 46th Asia Bodybuilding2nd Runner Up 2nd Runner Up
2012 4th World Bodybuilding Physique sports Championship 4th Runner Up
2013 Miss.Champion Challenge Winner
2014 12th Southeast Asia BodybuildingWinner Winner
2014 48th Asia Bodybuilding2nd Runner Up 2nd Runner Up